By Mourice Muhoozi

Since June 29th 2017, President Yoweri Museveni and honourable Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine have seriously attacked each other in form of writing letters in the media.

Soon after winning the kyadondo East parliamentary seat on June 11th, 2017, Bobi Wine was congratulated by president Museveni, where he wrote a letter that appeared in the press. In the letter, Museveni criticized several newspapers like new vision and daily monitor for devoting a lot of time and space, covering NRM losses, which is not the case with the wins.

He said that since January 2017, his party won 5 parliamentary bye elections and lost only two. To his dismay, the newspapers focused on publishing these losses as opposed to the successes. He also bitterly criticized the press for ignoring the role of ideology in national development and publishing unbalanced stories.

This was not taken lightly by Bobi Wine. On July 6th 2017, he responded to Museveni’s comments on the bye election where he wrote a letter that appeared in the press, in which he accused him of failing to acknowledge the first evolving trends, even after ruling for 30 years. He also accused the President of trying to reduce Uganda to the NRM society.

This left president Museveni longing for a day to counteract Bobi Wine’s assertions and on October 6th, 2027, he wrote a letter in which he sharply attacked the latter, accusing him of trying to sway Ugandans to his beliefs. The president also accused Kyagulanyi of being uninformed. ” You are either uninformed, or aliar”, wrote president Museveni in his missive.

He went on to write that Bobi Wine should stop deceiving Ugandans that the NRM has ruined the country, when in actual sense, it was this political party that liberated the country from dictatorship and ushered in various improvements in the public sector and security.

As if that was not enough, he slammed the unethical and undisciplined conduct of the opposition leaders, Bobi wine inclusive.

In response, Kyagulanyi wrote a letter on October 7th, 2017 in counteract of the president’s accusations against the opposition politicians in uganda. In his letter, he noted that Museveni’s missive contained factual errors which reflect the government failures.

He slammed president Museveni for not taking time to write a well researched and concluded missive and vowed to respond to other errors in the president’s letter with time.