By Najibu Mulema

Sometimes they say use what you have to get what you want. And this most times applies to ladies.
In Uganda we have many female musicians but a few have managed to command a large fan base not because they are the best in the game or they are maestros no, not at all but simply because of their enticing looks which make hungry Ugandan men sob in their panties.
I won’t say ugly but we have seen fairly looking talented female artists with good music, but have failed to pick hype yet the well endowed ones have managed to capture a mass gathering of supporters. When you go in their concerts or follow them on their social media platforms you can see what am talking about.
Here are some of the beautiful and well endowed musicians who have fans because of their attractive looks.

Juliana Kanyomozi
The beautiful Tooro princess is well known for her stunning beauty not forgetting her melodious voice. Whenever she stages a musical concert, fans flock to the venue as if they are going to get free services. People love her because of his beauty and enticing love songs.

Desire Luzinda
Though this curvaceous, super hot singer sometimes back broke the internet with her ‘Kitone’ ,the incident just boosted her fame. It is very rare to find a man who doesn’t like Luzinda’s music not because they are so sweet but because of he r super attractive figure.

Zanie Brown
When you see Zanie Brown for the first time you might mistaken her for Beyonce. The’ friendly match’ probably is one of the beautiful singers we have in the country at the moment. She commands large fan base especially male fans.

Winnie Nwagi
How can I talk and I forget about the ‘musawo’singer. Desire Luzinda’s competitor (in terms of assets) is one of the loved female musicians in a country at the moment she has a large base of followers. Whenever she steps on stage she leaves men yearning for more.

Fille Mutoni
Fille is the true definition of a beautiful woman from the land of milk.She is pretty,well packaged and on top of that she knows how to sing. She has a large fan base especially the youths

Rema Namakula
The dimpled beautiful singer came into limelight with her cease and sikkle song which made a great fortune for her.She has outed very many nice songs and trust me she has got a number of fans on her list.

Irene Namubiru
Last but not leastt on the list is the beautiful diva, Irene Namubiru though exceeding the youthful age, the sexy singer still kills it better than most young singers. She has one of the largest fan bases among the female singers in the country.