By our reporter

On January 26, 2017, Crane Bank was officially sold to DFCU by Bank of Uganda having been takeover by the central bank in October 2016.

But the deal came under scrutiny following a leaked sale agreement which showed that the bank was acquired by DFCU at almost zero cost.

Though Crane Bank was taken over under unclear circumstances, the bank was playing an important role in keeping hundreds of businesses in the country running.

In a plaint filed against Crane Bank and its owners by then BoU lawyers David Mpanga and Masembe Kanyerezi released details of business people who had unpaid loans with the bank before it was taken over.

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The lawyers released the account names, customer IDs and account numbers of these borrowers in their plaintiff.

The list comprises outstanding debts as of October 2016;

1.Spencon: Shs 22bn
2.Imperial Botanical Beach: Shs 15bn
3.Patrick Bitature (Simba Telecom): Shs 12bn.
4.Amina Moghe Hersi: Shs 11bn
5.Goodra Behakanira Tumusiime Bwebajja (Bwebajja Hotel Complex: Shs 6.9bn.
6.Steel and Tube Industries: Shs 6bn.
7.Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari (Amproc): Shs 2.2bn.
8.Internal Security Organisation (ISO): Shs 1.7bn.
9.Mukesh Shukla (Shumuk Group of Companies): Shs 2bn.
10.Robert Kabonero (Pyramids Casino): Shs 2bn.
11.James Tumusiime (Fountain Publishers): Shs 1.4bn.
12.Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa: Shs 1bn.
13.BlueWave Beverages: Shs 833m.
14.Former ISO Director General Ronnie Balya Rwakihumuro: Shs 562m.
15.Esther Ampumuza (Serene Suites Mutundwe): Shs 600m.
16.Former ICT Minister John Nasasira: Shs 400m.
17.Kuku Foods: Shs 500m
18.Andrew Mwenda (The Independent): Shs 250m.
19.Vision Group Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga: Shs 176m.
20.Former ICT Minister Ham Mulira: Shs 175m
21.Chris Katuramu, brother to former Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister Sanyu Katuramu: Shs 197m.
22.Former First Deputy Prime Minister: Henry Muganwa Kajura: Shs 200m.