By Watchdog reporter

After singer Bobi Wine’s successful win in Kyadondo East parliamentary race last week, some of his inspired comrades in entertaining business are likely to follow his political path.

Here is the list;

Mariam Ndagire– Last year before the general elections, the songstress had revealed that she was going to stand for Nakaseke parliamentary seat. Unfortunately she never did. However according to our sources, the singer is planning to make a comeback in 2021 for the same seat.

Ronald Mayinja– He is a member of Golden band production and recently he revealed his political aspirations when he joined Uganda’s oldest political party DP. According sources Mayinja is eyeing Gomba or Nansana Municipality parliamentary seat come 2021.

Geoffrey Lutaaya– The singer is the owner of a musical band known as The Nu Eagles. It is alleged that recently Lutaaya went back to school to avoid disturbances during his political bid. He plans to stand for Kakuuto parliamentary seat.

Dr Hilderman– The singer is planning to try his political chances in Mawokota North especially when the incumbent MP Amelia Kyambadde retires.

Yoyo– The singer is also planning to begin his political career in 2021. The ‘ansaana’ hit singer is set to contest for a parliamentary seat in Lugazi

King Saha– This may come as a shock but it’s the fact, this young man wants to be like Bobi Wine when he grows. It is alleged that singer has already expressed his political bid Kyotera. He is planning to compete with Minister Haruna Kasolo in 2021.

Patricko Mujuuka– The media personality cum comedian is also planning to stand as MP for Nakifuuma.

Mathias Walukaaga– The kadongokamu singer is also planning to stand as MP for Kalungu East but we are not sure whether he has the required minimum academic qualification.

Comedian Salvado Idringi– The comedian recently revealed on his social media that he will stand as MP for Kira Municipality come 2021.


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