By our reporter

The shs200 daily Social Media Tax began as an easy task to pass, but apparently it has proved to be a nightmare for the people in power after a wide section of Ugandans coming together to reject the ‘unrealistic’ tax in the highest way possible.

Among them are celebrities who have come out publicly to campaign against it.

Here is a list of celebrities campaigning against social media tax;

  1. A Pass

In a joint press conference held on Monday by journalists, politicians and young leaders at Hotel Africa, musician Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass accused the government of imposing an illegal tax, and asked the government to respect Ugandans.

  1. Bobi Wine

Singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu is among the critics of social media tax.

He says the social media tax is not a political issue but a barrier which is negatively affecting all Ugandans irrespective of their political affiliation.

  1. Patrick Salvador

After the enforcement of the tax, the comedian said the social media tax is an injustice to Ugandans.

“We’ve been taken for granted enough… these MPs we sent to parliament have forgotten their primary Mandate… the arrogance that was spoken by most of them yesterday to an extent of one PiG saying “if they don’t want the tax let them die”…: he said

  1. Dr. Hilderman

Dr. Hilderman is also among the strongest critics of the social media tax. He says the tax is very unfair to Ugandans and as a musician he will sensitize against it until government changes its position.

  1. Spice Diana

Though singer Spice Diana is not well aware of the exact fee government is collecting from a Ugandan every day inform of social media tax, she also had her own way of condemning the Over The Top Tax (OTT).

She said You might think that Shs200,000 or Shs250,000 is small money but to some people that we sing for out there, it is really like so much….if our fans are not all over. If they are not on social media i think it hinders our promotion.

  1. Musiimenta Ronnie Mcvex

Comedian also city Mcee Musiimenta Ronnie Mcvex has also raised his voice against the controversial social media tax.

Mcvex sent his condemning message to government through a song he composed and uploaded on his Facebook page.