By our reporter

Lira Grade One Magistrate Hilary Kiwanuka has sentenced Moses Okello to 40 days of community service after finding him guilty of smearing his wife’s knickers with red pepper.

Okello, a resident of Barmola village, Bala Sub County in Kole District was convicted on Thursday.

Prosecution alleged that on January 20, 2018, Okello smeared his wife’s knickers with red pepper without her knowledge and persuaded her to wear them.

“He said he admired me more in that underwear whenever I wore it. He then encouraged me to put it on that day. I developed unbearable irritation shortly after putting on the knickers, which didn’t go away even after bathing,” wife whose identity was withheld told court.

The wife told court that she developed unexpected swelling in her private parts and that’s when she sought help from a specialized doctor and later police after learning that the irritation was a result of the red pepper in her knickers.

Okello who pleaded guilty, told Court that he smeared red pepper on the undergarment just to make fun of his wife.