By Allen Kisakye

For a while now, there has been a rift between the ‘Genda ogule emotoka’ hit maker, Lil Pazo and Zahara Toto, a gossip presenter on Spark TVs Live Wire programme that airs at 8:00 pm Monday to Friday.
It has always been evident that these two people are fire and ice depending on how Zahara Toto used totalk about Lil Pazo. Zahara always tagged every bad habit, shabby people, and all kinds of misbehavior to Lil Pazo

In a video recording, Lil Pazo came out to fight back, and by the looks of it these two people know each other’s behaviors off camera. Lil Pazo called Zahara a thief. He claims a ‘muzungu lifted her by the belt after she stole his wallet in some night club’.
Pazo also said that Toto is a bumless thief who has nothing anyone can admire. He also threatened to bring out more evidence if she doesn’t stop insulting him while on TV.

Many of Zahara and Pazo’s fans surely don’t know why these stars are at loggerheads, because this rift started as a mere gossip joke but it now growing bigger and fun.