By Maureen Kyalya

I actually cannot understand why any Ugandan who wishes to see the back of NRM would be bothered by lifting presidential age limits.

NRM has already butchered their own constitution by removing term limits; they now wish to forcefully grab people’s land; the age limits is the rope by which they will help us and hang themselves.

True Museveni might be president in 2021 and fighting him has always been counterproductive as we saw from the rise and fall of FDC. But his chick, the MPs can be washed out of parliament overnight.

We the opposition just need to work together and ensure we have strictly 114 MP candidates one in each constituency representing all of us. I am not including FDC and Go Forward when I say opposition because the two parties are simply factions of NRM and would maintain the NRM ideologies even when we get rid of NRM.

I mean the genuine none NRM factions such as DP, UPC, CP, etc. There is no law against inter-party primaries so we can get our candidates to compete against each other through adult suffrage; NRM style and present the best for the race.

We need to take over Parliament if we are going to get rid of NRM impunity and arbitrary laws. As I always say focus on the chicks and see if the hen will not walk into your claws.

Maureen Kyalya is a former presidential candidate.