By Badru Mulisike

I believe there is no difficult question to answer like asking some one what they think life is?

Everybody sees life in a different aspect.And so they define it their way.Many people think and define life comparing it to something sweet,second to non and something worth to enjoy.While others think life is all about sweet nothings.

But the question remains What is Life?

To me i would define life as the most unfair thing.And thats all because it is Life and thats how it has to be.Life is something meant for the winners,the intelligent,the hard working and the sacrificial.But not the opposite.

But how?

First of all,comes fertilisation.In a million sperms only one has to win to form a new  life.The rest become losers and form no new life.

Then comes birth,a mother has to sacrifice to lose her blood,to use her strength to give birth to a new life.Or else two lives can be lost.Doesnt that make life an  unfair?Look at growth,for one to survive and grow obviously there should be another life lost.The domestic animals that eat the plants,ending their(plants)lives so that they can survive.Then man that has to end the lives of domestic animals by eating them to survive.Thats life!The wild animals that eat each other all do eat to have a life by ending a life.Take an example of a lion eating a mother deer.A mother deer leaving its young ones to fight to survive for a life in this world.Thats life.

Look at education where parents have to sacrifice most of their money for their children to get knowledge so that they can become winners and compete for a good life in this world.

In school you have to be intelligent to win,blossom prosper and graduate so as to have a life.

Look at the job vaccancies.Thousands of people will line up to take a job interview,and only one lucky one will win the job.It isnot that he wished others to fail the interview and get the job.But its because he knows he needs the job to start a life.

The love and relationships.One beautiful intelligent elegant girl might be approached by more than one man.They will all wish to win her heart to begin a new life with her.But it will reach a time and she will have to choose one.She will go with the winner whom she thinks deserves her.But what about the othermen,it isnot that they didnot love her,they might have equally loved her than the one she chose.They might have felt so hurt when he chose the other and left them.But it is all because life is unfair.It needs winners not losers.

Look at the health.The bacterias,the viruses,the fungi that will seek to start a life by living in a human body.Which is so unfair because they make him sick.Man has to end their lives by taking medicine and winning them.Or else when they win his body,they end his precious life!

In security;countries make fighting weapons.It is not that they will use these weapons for decorations.They use the weapons to end lives so as to protect other lives.And it is because it is part of life.

This is what we call life.This is how difficult and competitive life is.Life has never been fair.It all rotates around survival for the fittest.And this is all because; Thats Life!.