Dear Annet

Re: To you the wife of our forever living role model

You might say that there is no one who knows what you feel dear, but there are many people sharing your loss and anxiety. Of course, not as much as you.
This is the hard truth, though. Many can say they understand your situation but trust me no one does, accept you yourself because every loss is unique.
Losing a husband and when you are expecting is the most painful thing that can ever happen to a woman, but also keeping your husband’s memory alive in you is your obligation too.
Women lose husbands but very few of them can stand up to prove to the world the true role of a woman in a man’s life.
You are in pain, and sometimes anger may arise as you contemplate the loss of a loving husband and asking why you.
However, the true role of a woman is to ever be strong for your family most especially right now in these painful days.
I am not saying that you should not grieve for your husband but a strong woman should be thinking now on how to raise her children to be as important as their father which will make your husband proud.
By children, I beg you to think about the unborn baby. It needs you. You also need it. You need each other. And the rest of the babies, they need you more than any other time in their life.
Dear Annet
No amount of money or consolation can immediately help you overcome the trauma than embracing God and entrusting your unborn child to Him. I know you are a strong Christian woman, that is going to be the memory of the love you shared with your husband and your confidante and to be able to face life in a different perspective. I pray the Almighty delivers your well from labour ward, where you will shed tears of joys on seeing a new life born thereafter.
A true woman turns her grief into her strong pillar to overcome challenges and build her home on a solid rock that can’t be shaken by any wind. Do it for Andrew and the children.
And as principled woman you are, and now the breadwinner, you have got to fight for your family. That is what Kaweesi would do – he is unable to do it physically, but he will watch over you as you execute that task. He would be very proud seeing you doing the same as he would do his part.
It is now your obligation to raise your children in a manner their dad wanted them raised, and to be an example to the country.
The nation has showed your husband love. He has been buried like a hero. I heard you say you don’t know how to tell the children when they ask – but keep the photographs and videos of the so many people who have turned up to send off your loving husband. Tell them, your dad went for the sake of all these people. He loved them so much he was willing to die for them. And assure them that he has a place next to another man who died for the sake of others, and that is Jesus.
Lastly, keep your community of believers and family close. They always loved you. And may your family and community share back that responsibility of raising the children and keeping you comforted and supported when you need help.

Yours truly
Martha Namugerwa