Reading this article, I feel that here is a young lady that made a commitment to a man, ate his money for six months and then abandoned him for another. Yes we all agree that relationships can be complicated but you don’t get into a relationship for a full six months, get a prado , money, etc….and hope to simply walk away that free. Do you think calling it off and returning the things and the gifts you were given by that person is enough or do u think it actually makes it better? Even returning the gifts is not the most important thing, the most important thing is your name .How have you protected it? You have turnished your name and you are now dragging Hajji Kigongo’s name through the mud as well and that is where the problem is.

You claim he did not give you’’ big money’’but a land cruiser prado that he bought you is not bought with ‘’small money’’ and it takes even more’’ big money’’ to keep it on the road. You claim you listened to him and gave him the benefit of doubt ,what does that even mean? Your concern that he was chasing the first wife might also be a cover up to make you look good. And you never know you might have eyed Musawo Omar before leaving Kigongo .You claim you met Omar a few months down the road but again a good lady does not go flying from one marriage commitment to another every few months. And by this your own character is in doubt now, how many men can quickly fly you to Dubai for a wedding? You landed another loaded man and that is either luck or expert specialization