By our reporter

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has proved it’s very excellent at ‘undoing’ the already done decisions after firing an employee and within a blink of an eye the same person has been brought back to head the Authority.

We have landed on a firing letter which was accorded to the new UWA Executive Director Sam Mwandha in 2010 by the same organisation.

According to the letter, by the time of his sacking, Mwandha was serving as Director Conservation at the Authority.

“At the Board of Trustees meeting held on 15th October, 2010, it was resolved that your services with Uganda Wildlife Authority are no longer required with immediate effect. As per the human resource manual , you are entitled to three months salary lieu of notice. This termination is not a bar to legal action UWA may institute against you,” said Dr. Muballe Boysier Qumar,  the by then UWA chairman Board of Trustees

“By copy of this letter, the Ag Director Finance Services is authorised to pay your terminal benefits. You are directed to hand over all UWA properties and monies in your possession to the Ag. Executive Director by 22nd October 2010,”he added.

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