Dear friends

Greetings from me and Henry from here in Bangolore India. God willing I will regain my full health in due course, and return home soon.
I therefore thank you all for your prayers as I undergo treatment for the illnesses whose history most of you have been following.

Friends, my body bears wounds, proof of our struggle, which by the way I am happy to carry and wish that my grandchildren will see because it is worth fighting for a better Uganda. A Uganda that treats its citizens with respect, irrespective of their region of origin or political beliefs. A Uganda fair and just for all citizens.

I write also to inform you that it’s true that as I undergo treatment in India, I need money over and above what I had been required to spend and that Parliament hasn’t given me any funds in relation to my present situation. However, although am going through a very difficult and painful situation, I will NOT require a public mobilisation or fundraising to meet my medical bills. The money I shall find, don’t worry, I have decided to raise funds from within because my life is a priority. I am however very grateful for those who follow what am going through and had volunteered to contribute.

I will however, request for your prayers as I wait to undergo one more major surgery early next week in order to regain my mobility and to deal the severe pain. This surgery was due today but was postponed because I suddenly got fever plus suffering low blood pressure, the Doctors have therefore given me this weekend to recapture. I know and trust that God cannot forsake us.

Friends, one day this will be over. The day will come when we shall be taken care of by the best doctors in our country, Uganda and we will not need foreign doctors to take care of our illnesses because we shall have drugs and modern equipment in our hospitals.

Our doctors will also be paid well and shall not have pressures of life to wish to work elsewhere. The day will come when anyone who is ill will receive medication at the nearest medical facility without anyone making jokes out of their illness. The day will come when anyone who deserves further medical attention by specialists in hospitals around the globe will get without prejudice of which political party or region one comes from.

My struggle for a better Uganda is exactly about that; that our citizens access the best services in their own country, whether they are rich or poor.