By Allen Kisakye

Hajara Namukwaya, better known by the stage name Spice Diana has hard it with LiveWire presenters for bad mouthing her over her birthday vacation in Dubai.

LiveWire, is a gossip show that airs on Spark TV.

According to Precious Remmy and Gabby, the singer travelled abroad to celebrate her birthday but was too broke to afford a luxurious hotel, and that she was seen doing ‘malo’ on the streets of Dubai.

On hearing this, the ‘Anti Kale’ hitmaker hit back, wondering how presenters who earn Shs50,000 a day can try to tarnish her, ‘a multimillion brand’?

LiveWire airs five times a week and a recap on Saturday.

“You always claim to have your ‘kifesi’ following us yet you use information we put on our social media pages. Then again you report it wrong? You cannot even afford a decent meal for yourself. Know your limits and stop messing up with my business,” Spice Diana warned.

According to Spice Diana, she feels sorry for these presenters because they are just a few weeks old (at Spark TV) but have already shown their unprofessionalism.

“I am always available in case any media person wants an interview but you wonder how someone can gossip about you without evidence.”

“Please just let me be. Let me enjoy my birthday week in peace and stop confusing my fans by reporting trash gossip about me.”