By Mike Ssegawa

On a hot afternoon, Uganda Tourism Board deputy chief executive John Ssempeebwa told me about a cultural fair. I didn’t know what to expect but as a tourism promoter in chief, I knew John never stamps on anything not worth its salt. I just waited for the day to finally come. And indeed it dawned, and passed last weekend.
The Uganda International Cultural Fair attracted hundreds of people from all walks of life. There was learning. There was fun. There was reflection. There was pride. We are Ugandans…very rich culturally.

Some people drunk malwa for the first time. Some were able to tell traditional huts from each tribe’s for the first time. Children played. Tourists shopped memorabilia. Children won gifts from the cultural quiz, exhibitors showcased their products. It was phenomenal.
Looking forward, the three days gala has written itself on the tourism calendar of Uganda. Great organization.
Anyone proud of who they are; anyone who loves their culture; anyone who adores where they come from; the Uganda International Cultural Fair is the place to be.cultural fair1

cultural fair2

cultural fair3

cultural fair4

cultural fair5

cultural fair6