By our reporter

Different leaders have punched holes in President Museveni’s 10-point security plan which he presented to parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

Museveni said among other things he wants all vehicles in Uganda to bear new electronic number plates as well as CCTV cameras would be mounted on all highways in the country.

However his critics have dismissed his plans, saying, the security fabric is rotten and unless he does something about it, his plans will also abort.

Ms Salaamu Musumbu, FDC’s vice president – Eastern Uganda said Ugandans should brace for harder times and they better get used to protecting themselves, instead of expecting the government to secure them. Musumba was backed by Lt Gen Kasirye Gwanga who told CBS radio station that if citizens don’t protect themselves, who do they expect to secure them.

Museveni did not tell parliament how his 10 point measures would be funded especially after the budget was passed long ago.