By Waswa Tenywa

In a bid to restore and maintain security in Masajja- Kibira B Makindye-Sabagabo Municipality, Wakiso District, David Bwanika Mayanja commonly known as Musenze Alanda the chairman of the area has decided to construct a police post on part of his land and appealed to the new Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola and his Deputy Sabiiti Muzei to appreciate his commitment and give him officers to support the law enforcement initiative.

Speaking to the residents during  a tour to the police building, Mayanja said the only police post they had is in Kikajjo which is far away from their area and these has contributed to the increasing crimes in the area and the officers at the only post had failed to patrol and retain the peace of the area.

Mayanja stressed out that the people causing instability in the area are migrating from places of Kosovo,Kabuuma and Kisangaani using the opportunity of the laxity of the security in the area.

He adds that constructing a police post in the area has not been an easy job but its construction will help in re-instating peace.

‘’I appeal to the new IGP to give me officers only to ensure that my people are safe since they have been terrorized so much’’,he said.

Meanwhile Shafiq Sentongo Ramadan the youth chairman of the area attributed the increasing crimes in the area to the residents whose children are untouchable yet they are the ones committing crimes in the area but copying them from the area intruders coming from other areas.

‘’our own people are the ones terrorizing people but they copy traits from intruders from our neighbouring places’’,youth chairperson sentongo.

Some of the concerned residents appreciated the chairman for building them a police post and expressed hope that they will be saved from the increasing number of crimes in the area.