By Moses Ntare

Civil servants who wish to contest for local Council 1 and 2’s in the coming elections to resign their jobs before nominations.

According to the press release, by the electoral commission that was released on Friday, the commission Chair Mr Simon Byabakama said that the rights of public officers to contest in LC1 and LC2 elections without resigning their offices was removed by section one of the local government (amendments) act (No 2)2016, which deleted section 116(6)thereof.
In that regard, Byabakama directed all civil servants who wished to contest for LC1 and LC2 chairpersons to resign from their offices before nominations.
The electoral commission program for the nominations is slated for July 4th to 5 July at parish headquarters.
Campaigns are slated for 6th July to 9th July.
The election day is on 10th July.
The elections for local Councils have not taken place in the country for the last 17 years.