By Watchdog reporter

Former Fufa boss and Vipers FC owner Lawrence Mulindwa has been rumored to harbor ambitions to return as head of Uganda’s football governing body.

However this website has been reliably told of the ongoing plot for Mulindwa to overthrow Moses Magogo and replace him with Mujib Kasule.

Magogo, the first Fufa president in 39 years to take the Cranes to the African Nations Cup, has faced a lot of criticism over his management of the game in the country including remunerating players poorly.

However Mulindwa, who has a huge following in the game, has been accused of wanting to turn to Mengo, as Fufa boss. However, our sources say Mulindwa doesn’t want to return to Fufa House but that he is preparing Kasule for the job and has already started to invest in the project.

Mujib, the coach and proprietor of Proline FC is one of Uganda’s youthful sports administrators who have put their resources and talents in the soccer game.