By Herbert Bukenya

As the fight over the Late Mowzey Radio’s property takes toll on his immediate family and former allies Weasel and the rest, his mother Jane Kasubo has decided to distance herself from the fights saying she can’t take sides only calling for reconciliation.

Jane Kasubo mother to the deceased in her own words said Radio’s elder brother Frank who was recently badly beaten by Weasel and Weasel himself are all her children and they should come to her at her Kasanje home so that she can reconcile them.

Specifically for Weasel, Mama Radio who he even released a song about before his passing reminded Weasel that her house has always been home to him as he was a regular there when Radio was alive. Therefore he should feel free to come home for a meal and to have a talk.

Speaking about the same confusion, Radio’s eldest brother Meddie also wondered why Weasel should beat up Frank and accuse him of stealing small things like sofas and a television. He said Frank took Radio to school on his own money and can not be the same person who is stealing his property.

Besides that Meddie adds that Weasel claims to be protecting Radio’s property for his children to which he wonders how they his immediate family would want to grab their own children’s property considering they are now the standing fathers of Radio’s children since his demise.

Meddie also concluded urging Weasel to come home and let the late’s mother reconcile them so they can iron out their differences permanently.