By Najibu Mulema
The commissioner lands administration in the ministry of land,Sarah Kulata has run to high court seeking to hold on investigation into the allegations of fraud and corruption levelled against her.
Kulata contends that the acting committee is acting on dusputed recommendations in a report made by the Uganda National Roads Authority(UNRA)commission of inquiry which commission she accuses of breaching principles of natural justice.
According to Kulata,the same commission first invited her as a witness and then turned around and made a recommendation that she was she is investigated for fraud and corruption in the lands registry.
She has now asked high court judge to issue an order blocking the committee instituted by the lands minister investigating on her until high court determines the case in which she questions the legality of the recommendations retained  in the UNRA report.
Kulata who was appointed commissioner in charge of land registry in 2007, In 2013, Idah Nantaba, the minister of state for lands, wrote to Ethics minister Simon Lokodo complaining that land registrars had become unethical in their work, leading to illegal evictions. Nantaba singled out Kulata, accusing her of “working in cahoots with land registrars across the country to
fraudulently sell public land and issue fake titles.”
And also when Daudi Migereko, then minister of lands, appeared
before UNRA commission of inquiry into roads sector last year, he expressed distrust of the people he worked with. Whereas he did not refer to Kulata in person, Migereko said most of the officers at the lands registry were out for quick riches through fraudulent deals with the rich.
When she appeared before the same committee, Kulata said
she couldn’t be held responsible for fraudulent titles. She said district land bosses were responsible and that her
office was at the tail-end of the process.
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