By Watchdog reporter

Justice Catherine Bamugemerire should be give time to accomplish her assignment, but, big head she has already shaken in her commission’s short span, it seems things are not going to be easy for her.

With several youth gangs for hire, Justice Bamugemerire’s commission has been earmarked by the land grabbing group seeking to politicize, turn public opinion against the inquiry, to discredit the process of establishing who stole what and who is to blame.

Radio callers have already been staged to call in radio shows to discredit the commission.

And while those where faceless callers, now a group of young people have come out to publicly denounce Justice Catherine Bamugemerire commission has a time and money wasting activity.

Kavuma Mwanje, and his colleagues called the media at Hotel Bativa in Kampala in which they said the commission’s findings will never bear any fruit.

The young men added that Bamugemerire had left out real land grabbers and exposed less prominent land snatchers who they say were bonafide land title holders.

The group say real land grabbers were in the military and police.