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The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II during his 63rd birthday celebrations in Kalungu District, expressed concern over new maps of Uganda that exclude Buganda territories.

The Buganda Kingdom was excluded from the national map showing regional vaccination coverage in the country.

“All other parts of Uganda we know such as Busoga, Karamoja, Ankole, Bunyoro and others are existent (on the map of Uganda) but Buganda is not indicated. This is when I ask what the motive is? I have not yet known the motive,” Kabaka stated in a televised event as quoted by Daily Monitor.

Now the Ministry of Health has responded to Kabaka’s query saying they had no hidden agenda as far as mapping is concerned since land cannot be transferred from one place to another.

“You cannot transfer districts or land from one place to another. Places remain wherever they have been before. Uganda remains Uganda, one nation,” Dr Diana Atwiine, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary told Daily Monitor in an interview adding, “The omission of Buganda from the map is not core and that focus should be put on ensuring that Ugandans receive the basic health care.

Apparently, the map shows all the traditional regions of Uganda as West Nile, Acholi, Karamoja, Bunyoro, Lango, Teso, Elgon, Bukedi, Busoga, Bunyoro, Tooro, Ankole but omits Buganda, and has in its place South Central and North Central.