Does ‘njugu’ really work? You must have come across this question at some point. Both men and women wonder if there is any relationship between groundnuts and sexual stamina.

Well, the answer is yes, peanuts are good for men and can act like natural Viagra.

Peanuts are beneficial to men

According to doctors, Njugu is rich in ammino acid known as L-arginine which relaxes the blood vessels in a man’s penis to allow blood flow to the area.

This is also the same process for the male erection. A man achieves an erection after blood rushes into the penis.

Ladies, does your man eat njugu? This is why he should start now

Peanuts help with erection

Now that you know, add peanuts to your diet so you do not lose your girlfriend again to a lad from Western region of this country.

I understand, the men from ‘irish potato’ areas or if you like, waru, have never seen raw peanuts. I am just saying.