By Watchdog reporter
Brig Leopold Kyanda, the chief of staff Land forces has gone missing.
Kyanda who is under investigation for allegedly being behind the fleecing of Polish arms dealers, left the country more than a month ago. It’s said he could actually be in Poland, the home country of his accusers.
Kyanda landed himself in problems when the main suspect in the fake arms deal was directly linked to him. It is alleged that his boardroom in Bombo was used to provide a cover for the deal where the arms dealers paid a bribe of half a million dollars. The arms procurement however was not anywhere in UPDF books.
All would be fine for Brig Kyanda,if he had not got the suspect released after police cells after the arrest following complaints from the arms dealers. It led investigators to open another file which culminated in having one of the highest senior military commanders culpable.
Kyanda has not said a word since these revelations came to the fore but UPDF spokesman Paddy Ankunda first defended him, even claiming that there was no investigation of the kind in Updf. He said those propagating the rumours were enemies of updf aiming at dividing the military. A couple of days later, Lt Col Ankunda ate his words when he admitted to the investigations even offering more details of who was involved in the deal.
Recently, this website understands the president had sent Gen Kale Kayihura to Poland and Germany to meet the arms dealers and get more information about the matter. When Kyanda got wind of Kayihura’s assignments, he also flew to Poland. Experts say Kyanda is trying to neutralize the damage the scandal can expose him to. He badly wants to clear his name and if possible, pay back the arms dealers’ bribe before the issue lands him in hotter soup, says the source.