By Watchdog reporter

Afande Andrew Felix Kaweesi meant many things to different people and interest groups.

During his final send off on Tuesday at his ancestral village in Lwengo, Kwagalana Group tycoons led by their Chairperson Godfrey Kirumira handed over shs25 million to the widow, Annet Kaweesi to take care of the orphans.

It was a kind gesture from the members of the wealthy class. The move however was seen as an usual as Kwagalana usually give as little as Sh2 million to Shsh5 million. This has led to some speculators to ask if Kaweesi was a some sort of protector for this wealthy group, therefore a a special relationship

Kaweesi has in several occasions got fingers pointing athim for protecting some businessmen! With Kaweesi untimely demise, it is high time Kwagalana Group looked for a new protector.