Kuteesa spins Spe Kazibwe’s poor showing AU summit
By Watchdog reporter

Uganda’s foreign affairs minister Sam Kuteesa and the Ugandan propaganda machinery are in overdrive to save Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe’s face.
Dr. Specioza W. Kazibwe was on eliminated from the race for AU Chairperson in Kigali, Rwanda. Rwanda is regarded as close to home and she was the Eastern African candidate, so the Ugandan candidate lost at home.

Dr. Kazibwe got 11 votes while her competitors Agapito Mba Mokuy, 12 votes and Pelomi Venson, 16 votes.

To become chairperson, the law requires one to get 2/3 of the votes and therefore, none of the candidates made it through.
A total of 28 countries abstained from voting citing the calibre of the candidates available.
Since no one got the required numbers, the election has been suspended until January, 2017.
There are voices calling for Jakaya Kikwete, the former President of Tanzania to enter the race but Kikwete has not expressed interest in the position.
Uganda has blown $1 million on marketing Dr Kazibwe for AU Commission chairperson. 11 votes despite her well oiled machinery was a poor showing that to save face, she must pull out completely from the January race.