By Allen Kisakye

Social media has been on fire ever since the former beauty queen Stella Nantumbwe alias Ella received a Brand new Lexus worth Shs200m on her birthday. Like all nosy gossips, people are ‘concerned’ about who gifted Ella the car.

Ofcourse speculation has been rife, with some claiming it was given to her by a certain Nigerian living in Uganda called Renzion Hill. The two have come off as BFFs for quite sometime now, often appearing at various social functions together.

However, the rumours took a fresh turn when it was revealed that brand new ride was a gift from Zoe Ministries’ Prophet Elvis Mbonye. That the two have been secretly seeing each other ever since Nantumbwe became a ‘Remnant’.

‘Remnants’ is the name Mbonye’s followers call each other.

Well, Remnants usually send text messages requesting for a prophesy.

That is how Ella, ended up typing and sending ‘I Receive.’

On 18th October, Ella shared a Facebook post of Alph Lukau Prophetic Prayer saying “I don’t know whom I am talking to but before 25th of October, your hands will carry the miracle you have been waiting for in Jesus’ name. TYPE I Receive and share

Before she knew it, a miracle of a brand new car was presented to her on October 22.

This even left her fans and gossip mongers alike more skeptical, with some wondering why God only listens to her ‘Amens.’

The Second Chance actress however, came out to offer some advice.

 “When they start to doubt God’s blessing upon your life, kneel down and thank God even more for it is written, ‘Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love him,” Ella posted on Wednesday.

If you have understood her message, type ‘Amen’.