On Saturday, CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander had a meeting with heads of private security organizations to discuss mechanisms of working together to prevent crime in Kampala.

The meeting that took place at Nakasero Primary School was also used as a fora for the Commandant to recognize and appreciate the good work of private security companies in protecting this country.

He acknowledged their importance to this nation, also highlighting that they act as force multipliers, supplementing the work of the police and in many cases as the first response to crime before calling in the police .

The Commandant however urged the private security companies to always maintain high levels of professionalism as they go about their work, improve communication with police and always provide timely information to police.

He also asked them to participate in nationwide campaigns against crime, like police does.

“Although you are profit oriented, the quality of operations you conduct must ensure safety and security of the people you serve and their property, and provide your guards with the necessary outfits and tools that they require in their day-to-day operations,” CP. Kafeero said.

He added; “Always encourage professionalism in your companies and ensure a strict code of discipline to make your work credible and reliable.”

He revealed that police has plans of drafting a standardized training manual, standard operating procedures which will to guide all private security officers.

There is need therefore he said, all area police commanders to establish closer ties with private security firms for the benefit of the common ‘mwananchi’.

Private security organizations are an auxiliary arm of the Uganda Police Force as provided for under the Police Act and are mandated to uphold the standards of the force.

The binding guidelines are contained in Statutory Instrument No.11 of 2013, which restates the powers of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to supervise and regulate their activities.

The authority to issue, suspend and cancel licences for PSOs is vested in the IGP but he inturn delegates their day to day monitoring to the Regional and Divisional Police Commanders (RPCs and DPCs.

According to Uganda Police records, a total of 160 companies are licensed to provide security services.