By Watchdog reporter

Dr Kizza Besigye has released a stinging statement on Kasese in which he claims the conflict in Kasese is about marginalization.
The FDC leader blames calls what took place in Kasese “massacres” and goes ahead to blame former Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga who was defeated in the last election for the ongoing conflict.
“Kasese has traditionally been against the political establishments because all governments have marginalised them. For this recent crisis, NRM is to blame,” said Kizza Besigye, adding, “It was wiped out of Kasese. The NRM district and national leadership is wounded. Defeated NRM leaders like Chrispus Kiyonga and Mawa Muhindo have had an intensified blackmail campaign against the people of Kasese for overwhelmingly supporting FDC.”
The FDC honcho says what happened in Kasese was “tragic and unfortunate”.
“It was clearly a massacre; which constitutes a crime against the people of Kasese and Uganda in general” he said.
Besigye says the clashes in Kasese and the attack on the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu palace could have been avoided.