The minister of Tourism, wildlife life and antiquities together with tourism operators have kickstarted plans to take Ugandans to see the country as domestic tourists.
Minister Godfrey Kiwanda, together with Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority, World Bank, Uganda Tourism Association and tourism police among others have on Thursday morning gathered at Ministry head office in Kampala to forge ways ahead of a mega launch of the weekend escape campaign ”TULAMBULE”.
The objectives of this campaign is to reach at least a million Ugandans per month making them aware of the tourism attractions across the country.

”This campaign will also motivate at least 2,000 Ugandans tourists to visit selected tourism adventures and sites along the route to the destination,” says Mr Kiwanda, the minister of state for tourism and wildlife.
This campaign is scheduled to take at least 10 months with purpose of unlocking tourism potentials in Uganda.
By Jumah Nsubuga