By Kiyimba Bruno

The vice chancellor of Kampala International University Dr. Mohammed Mpezamihingo on Friday gave a new hope to Ugandans in agriculture after announcing that the University is going to start offering agro based courses.

Announcing this, Dr. Mpezamihingo was in a press conference that took place at the Kansanga based campus Kampala International University, ahead of the forthcoming graduation ceremony.

He said that this time round, the university is set to give out practical courses that will help Ugandans and the world at large.

“Many people in the villages do good agriculture yet they never went to school. How about if we upgrade their methods?” inquired Dr. Mpezamihingo

In the same press conference, the VC trashed the Observer newspaper’s story that was published concerning fake PHD courses by saying that the National Council for Higher Education works hand in hand with the university and it has never received any complaint from the institution about the whole issue.

“I personally have worked for the national council for more than six years. What I am sure of, they don’t work in news rooms. If they have an issue they always write to us” said Mpezamihingo

He went ahead to request whoever read that story to just ignore it.

“The story that the observer published should just be ignored. This is a story of many years back. I don’t even know why people are resurrecting it. “Wondered Dr Mpezamihingo.

On the other hand, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University in charge of finance Dr. Janice Busingye lamented on the good partnership that KIU and Wadhwani Foundation have.

This was reached after an organized three day workshop that equipped staff and faculty with skills necessary to run entrepreneurship programs at the main campus in Kansanga.

In this program, KIU students and staff shall be able to move abroad in exchange of Wadhwani Foundation staff and students too.

On this year’s graduation, students are going to move from the various campuses of the university to receive their awards from the main campus that is based in Kansanga. The branches include the KIU western campus in Ishaka, the Nairobi campus,Dar Salam campus as well as the main branch that is going to host the event.

This time round, KIU expects to award over 1000 students in various categories in Masters, Bachelors, Diploma as well as certificate level.