By Kiyimba Bruno

Kampala’s all time rounder KIU rangers this time managed to a own a victory in a way that was code named “Hot Seat.” in the FUBA National Basketball League.

The loss that the ranger made over Ndejje Angels woke up coach Nimrod Kaboha, the team coach in mastering his weaknesses.
The squad that Nimrod brought was a surprise to the spectators since they expected stars like Ninete, the point guard who never futured anywhere due to unknown reasons.

Ranger like  Zura Ramadan, Komugisha Rita, Nakagwa worked like donkeys to make sure they secure this victory.

the team coach Nimrod Kaboha said that he was happy for the first win.

“A win on the second game has never been good. we have a few challenges here and there but we know we shall work upon them” Said Nimrod.
He added that they young girls that he has are just enough to kick who ever comes in the rangers way.
“we are ranger. we have been hunting and we shall keep on hunting.” added Nimrod.
One of the team legends Amito Susan,now in A1 said that she is impressed with the teams victory and she believes if they go on like this, some thing good will be achieved.
“The team is good. they had nice defense  and offense. so they had to win.” added Amito.
The first game that the rangers played this season was a loss against Ndejje angels with a 2 points difference,having scores of 18:20.

The other game was played , sharing youth managed to spank Ndejje angels with a 67:66 that was acquired in overtime.