By Kiyimba Bruno

Footballers of Kampala International University {KIU} on Monday had bloody and tense training as they prepare for their opening game of the University Football League {UFL} against Uganda Christian University {UCU}.

The training involved massive runs as well as ball work for four hours which put their fans on tension that the team they have might take the trophy this season.

“I have never seen such training here at KIU. May be it is our chance to win the trophy” says Kabanda Dan, one of the team fans.

The team captain Mubunga Latif says that this is their time.

“All I know is that it is our time. It’s either now or never,” says Latif

The two team coaches Mr. Akabwai Geoffrey and Mr. Magulumali Steven Canon were players of the said team who believe that they can this time make it.

Akabwai says that the team is in good shape and with the new players like Zimula Jalil as well as Male Joel, good play shall be achieved.

The Assistant sports tutor of KIU Mr. Joshua Kashaija says that he believes that by bringing people who have been part of the team shows confidence in the young generation.

“Making Akabwai and Canon our coaches was not a mistake. These are people who started with the team. They know the grievances that are both within the university as well as the team at large. So we have higher hopes in them and we await them at Nambole says Joshua.
He continues to say that he is so sure and proud of the new players who are yet to show new talents to the world.

The game is stated on Wednesday at UCU main grounds where KIU shall be hosted at 3:00pm.