By Kiyimba Bruno

It was a joyful moment at Mutoola beach resort as Kansanga based university beach soccer club KIU crushed  Nkumba select to qualify for the semifinals of the national beach soccer league.

KIU’s goals were scored by experienced Nigerian internationals Isaac Eshioke and Uche Mufta who left everyone appeased with the young talent.

The 3:6 victory marked KIU as the only university that is still standing in the current beach soccer league.

What should be noted is that the two time title holders MUBS this time round did not even qualify for the quarter finals ,which gave a good chance to St Lawrence,Nkumba that have won the tittle once and KIU as the big universities in the battle.

KIU now is set for a Kansanga derby where they shall face the Real Galacticals.

Team coach Akabwai Geoffrey said that this is a testing moment for his boys since they are the only university remaining in the battle.

He however called up his players to work harder since this season, their target was to win the trophy.

“We have played this league for very many years and I do believe that this is our chance. We have to use this opportunity and crush the rest” noted Akabwai.


FT. Isabeti 3-2 Talented

FT. Nkumba University 3-6 KIU

FT. Buganda Royal 5-6 Kyadondo Galacticos

FT. Stomers 6-3 St Lawrence.