By Faridah Nakazibwe

You can kiss a fool or be kissed by a fool but never allow a kiss to fool you. Always have a 2nd and 3rd look at every 1st impression. Those who mistake OIL FARM for OIL FIRM are already blaming themselves.

There’s nothing bad in falling in love but make sure you know where you’re landing. Don’t give your heart where only your body is required and don’t build a house where you suppose to put a tent. Never put a temporary person in the permanent position of your life. Of course when the heart is desperate for something the eyes and the brain become powerless. Be very careful what your heart desire because many heart desire can lead to life disaster. Ts hard for anyone to sit on your back if you’re standing on your feet. No one can waste your time without your consent.

A promise is nothing without commitment. Pay more attention to a person’s actions more than their words and when actions contradict the words you’re in the wrong place. Never allow your emotions to take over your thinking.

Ignorance and endurance are never the same. Be honest with yourself. Love is not a favor, never beg for it. Never beg for something you will need forever otherwise you will end up begging forever. Anything you acquire through begging may require begging to maintain. Of course, it’s very hard to let go when you’re deeply in love. But it’s more painful and miserable to keep holding on when you have to beg and fight for love alone.

You can never keep what you don’t have. Pray to GOD about your relationship but never ever use prayers where common sense is required. Once you realize that a relationship is not taking you anywhere. Don’t be the last person to leave…. Mwebale Kusiba.