By our reporter

Police Disciplinary Tribunal has today delivered its ruling in a case against former Buyende DPC ASP Muhammad Kirumira.

Kirumira was found guilty on four counts among them being unnecessary exercise of authority and unlawful use of authority by parading flying squad operatives and declaring them as thieves.

In the first three counts he was given a warning whereas in the fourth count, the court demoted him by two ranks from Assistant Superintendent of Police to Assistant Inspector of Police.

Meanwhile, the court dropped four charges of extortion, corrupt practices, abuse of office and torture.

Speaking to Watchdog Uganda, Kirumira said all the punishments leveled against him are weak and he is going to challenge them in Courts of law because they have been based on consultations.

“The courts have been always consulting the administration on how to do the proceedings and which punishments to give and which cases to convict so on the point of law, on miscarriage of justice and other grounds we shall appeal very soon,” said Kirumira.

These punishments are not practical for now because they must take charge when the police council sits and agree on them of which the police council is yet to sit,” he added.