By Moses Ntare

The renown ‘King’ Ceaser Augustus Mulenga on Saturday proved to the world and extended his developments to Kabale, as he has always  said.

The “king” of Kigezi (king of development) on Saturday donated to Umoja SACCO kabale shs 200 million as its initial capital. This SACCO (men’s sacco) is the second one to be financed by King mulenga.
Two years ago, he initiated and financed  the Kabale women progressive SACCO, located on kabale Street kabale bank’s Lane. The bank that’s ran by women was granted initial capital of shs 200 million. As of today, the SACCO has developed to over shs 500 million.
King mulenga, who to many call the king of cash in 2015  promised to start 3 SACCOS in kabale (for women, men and youth). He’s today remaining with just starting the youth SACCO.
In his words, King ceaser said he’s working tooth and nail to push poverty out of Kigezi, as he’s a king of development. He called on the public to work together, irrespective of religion, political parties and culture to get out of poverty.
“Leave those issues out of business because we all have stomachs. The moslems, Catholics, Protestants, pentecostals, FDC party and NRM party all have the same blood. Me I don’t segregate any person that was created by God and you should do the same ” king mulenga said.
He called on leaders of the Umoja SACCO Kabale to work harder to develop the bank.
While representing the guest of honor, Hon minister David Bahati also contributed to the Bank 10 million and bought in  the bank shares of shs 5 million.
King Mulenga and minister David Bahati were opening the sacco, ahead of the function where the Kabale based radio station, voice of Kigezi was celebrating 18 years of existence.
Voice of Kigezi Fm 89.5 held its celebrations marking  18 years In kabale municipal stadium.
About Augustus Ceaser Mulenga and cash;
King Mulenga, 51 has been endlessly giving people cash since 2013. He has and is transforming the political and economic landscape in Kigezi region with financial donations.
To many in Kigezi, mentioning Mulenga’s name means cash. He has been known for his unending generosity. He has funded schools, saccos, churches, mosques, agricultural projects, orphanage projects and many others.
He’s also known as a supporter of the ruling party, NRM. In the previous elections of 2016,he campaigned for president Museveni and other NRM candidates in the whole Kigezi region.
He has always said that he started business when he was a little boy. And that by the year of 1996, he was a millionaire.
Today, he conducts his businesses in Uganda, South Sudan, South Africa and Vietnam.
He’s also the consular of Vietnam in Uganda.