By Watchdog reporter

The woes between King Lawrence and Zari Hassan over the late Ivan Semwanga’s property seem to be far from over.

The latest information reaching our desk indicates that King Lawrence has accused Semwanga’s ex-wife Zari of wanting to take the late’s wealth to her current husband Diamond Platnumz.

During a meeting on Saturday where family members and friends including businessmen Godfrey Kirumira and Joseph Bbosa were present, King Lawrence said Zari left Semwanga and married the Tanzanian superstar and now she wants to use the late’s wealth to benefit Diamond Platnumz and his people.

However, Zari responded to angry Lawrence that he wants to use the late’s property to rescue himself from the burning poverty which is eating him up every now and then.

Zari and Semwanga had three children together.

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