Citizen’s memo to IGP Ochola:

Good morning our lovely IGP.
Please our IGP, I need your help on this matter. The DPC of Kibuku police station sent two policemen to our home in Nabuli village to arrest my father Mukenye Yokolumu on 28/06/2018. When my father asked them why they were arresting him, instead of explaining, they started beating him until they reached the police station. The policemen were armed. Up to now my father is not feeling well, moreover he was sick. Afterwards they charged him Sh300,000.
When Afande Naburere 25720 responsible for the family worked on his case, they found my father had no case with the complainant, but the complainant disappeared and the police has refused my father to open a file because of corruption.

This is why I seek your intervention.

Mukenye Allan can be reached on his telephone number 0700572970