By Watchdog reporter

Since valentine flowers and love cards no longer attract large sales, some Kenyan entrepreneur have decided to come up with a new way of making good money on Valentine’s day which is celebrated annually on 14 February.

Now the entrepreneur has come up with a Valentine’s Day promotion dubbed ‘Rent a Gent’ targeting single ladies.

The business people have already listed well priced services they are going to be offering to single ladies on that special day.

Services include;

Flirtextion at Ugx17,500 (k500) this shall involve receiving of flattery all day on your phone.

Textlationship at Ugx28,000 (k800) and it will involve whatsapp relationship , text and whatsapp and unlimited texts on valentine’s day.

The Bae at Ugx122,500 (K3,500) and this will involve selfie as a couple, holding hands, miss you bae status posts, kiss infront of friend/family and relationship status on facebook.