By Watchdog reporter

Kenya risks being seen as having stabbed Uganda in the back by fronting its candidate for the job Dr Specioza Kazibwe was eyeing just a couple of months ago.

Kenya today submitted the name of Amina Mohammed, the country’s foreign minister, as a candidate for African Union commission chairperson.

The candidates for the job fell short in Kigali, after none of the three candidates made it through following the boycott by West Africa.

It’s understood Nigeria’s former president Obasanjo led a campaign to fail Kazibwe, as a way of getting at President Yoweri Museveni.

Ms Amina who campaigned for Kazibwe, could be looked at as the acceptable candidate that would stop West Africa from succeeding to win the chair.

South Africa and several countries had tolerated the idea of having Tanzania former president Jakaya Kikwete for the job. However, Kikwete’s would not succeed to go through, as his credentials would automatically make him like the ‘president of Africa’ something leaders with huge egos making up the AU club cannot accept.