President Uhuru Kenyatta says the Opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga’s term in office could be short-lived should he win the repeat presidential election, since he can be easily impeached by Jubilee.

Speaking during a meeting with Kamba leaders at State House on Monday, the Head of State indicated that Jubilee has a majority of elected leaders and can, therefore, effect the leadership change.

He further indicated that Odinga would also not be able to transact business in the House due to the imbalance in numbers in favour of Jubilee.

“We have to tell people the truth… even if he is elected, we have the opportunity in Parliament to remove him within two or three months. So we only fear God and we are thankful for what he has done for us and we are ready to go the polls,” he said.

He wondered how Odinga expected to govern with meagre NASA numbers.

“Jubilee as it stands, in the last Senate, we could not pass Bills because of the balancing that was there. Today, with 41 Senators elected and nominated, we can do business in the Senate without a single member of NASA present in the Senate,” he said.

NASA, however, issued a quick rejoinder with co-principal Moses Wetangula terming the remarks as reckless.

 “It clearly shows how ill informed the President is about the provisions of our Constitution, Article 145. Jubilee as currently constituted neither has a super majority in the National Assembly, neither in the Senate and you cannot successfully impeach a President until and unless you garner two-thirds of both Houses,” he stated.

President Kenyatta also dared the Opposition legislators to boycott Tuesday’s opening of Parliament, terming such a move as inconsequential.

The Head of state stated that the Jubilee party has a high number of legislators and could thus transact any the business of the House without a hitch.

His sentiments came amid threats by NASA to skip the sittings due to the Supreme Court ruling, which nullified his win.

“Just wait, you will see us opening the House and start passing Bills. If they don’t want to participate, who has held them back? It is their right to come and go as they please and even if they boycott, what difference does it make. Zero. Standing orders are there, we have prepared the bills that were pending in the last Parliament,” the Head of State said.

NASA lawmakers have threatened to paralyse the first sitting of the 12th Parliament called by President Kenyatta.

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