There will be no other election before August 9, 2022, Deputy President William Ruto has declared.

“The Opposition boycotted the elections of its own volition and cannot purport to demand more elections outside the Constitution,” said Mr Ruto.

He said Kenyans who participated in the October 26 repeat presidential election could not be disenfranchised by one person’s quest for power – in reference to Opposition chief Raila Odinga.

“Odinga chose of his own will not to participate in the election. Kenyans had nothing to do with that decision. He should stop threatening peace in the country,” Ruto said.

“I want to tell Raila that violence is not an option in Kenya. Only a fool does not learn from mistakes,” he added in an exclusive interview with CNN.

Speaking in an interview with various media outlets at his Karen office, the DP said since Raila had failed to marshal support in other parts of the country, he had decided to destabilise the country.

“Since there was only one region where violence was experienced, NASA (is) attempting to export the same mayhem to other regions.” Protect Kenyans He said the Government would protect Kenyans and their property, adding President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win was legitimate as the Constitution states to be elected President, you must garner 50 per cent plus one vote and at least 25 per cent in 24 counties.

“We have already surpassed that threshold. That means that in terms of the Constitution, the legitimacy question is already answered,” he said.

He added that it was incorrect for Raila to say that only 3.5 million voters turned out, saying 7.5 million Kenyans voted. “Of course he wants to peddle a narrative that suits his political narrative.

There is a percentage of voters that was denied a chance to vote. I challenge our opponent to remove the organised militia blocking the delivery of voting material and we will know for sure if those affected want to vote or not,” he said.