By Najibu Mulema

The Secretary to the Treasury in the ministry of finance, Keith Muhakanizi has come out to defend the scandalous presidential handshake which sparked outrage among Ugandans since the beginning of this year.

It was a big blow into the faces of Ugandans on learning that in December, 2016,  42 senior government officials rewarded themselves with shs 6 billion as a presidential handshake after Uganda Revenue Authority( URA) winning a court settlement against a British oil firm known as Tullow oil.

Muhakanizi is among those who fueled the oil cash bonanza and he is among the beneficiaries.

According to the Secretary to the treasury, the presidential handshake was legal and normal.

Muhakanizi is not the only one to come out and defend the oil cash bonanza, just a few days back, URA cameout to defend the outrageous act saying that officials had to be rewarded after saving Uganda from losing millions of dollars.

But one may ask, if the presidential handshake was legal and normal, why did the conspirators had to do it behind curtains without the public knowing?