By Herbert Bukenya

Dance hall star Ziza Bafana who is back on the scene with his new hit Nazaala having taken what he called a creative sabbatical is not at all amused by Journalists who try to dig deep into his personal life.

He revealed this while appearing on a local radio show over the weekend where he didn’t take questions about his personal life such his relationships with girlfriends and baby mamas plus the children he has lightly.

Bafana was angered by those questions and he took on the presenters and fans who asked the questions saying that is beyond what the public is supoosed to know about him insisting he should be asked about his music and nothing beyond that because that is what the public knows him for and that was his reason for the interivew.

The fast talking Bafana was further pissed off by questions about whether he uses any substances to which he replied by telling people to stop being diversionary and focus on the issues at hand insisting that was his personal business and choice to make so it shouldnt be any one’s business.