By Catherine Apolot

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) on Saturday launched a new waste recycling plant at Wankoko, Industrial area.

The plant will take organic solid waste from markets and plastic waste from the general public and turn it into revenue-generating products.

At the Recycling Centre, organic solid waste from the city markets will be reconverted into animal feeds for nonherbivorous animals, and manure for the new city plant nursery, while the plastic waste will be collected for processing into plastic flakes to manufacture various products.

According to the authority, with this development, plastic in Kampala City will no longer be treated as mere waste. It’s going to be a cash cow to many city residents who can harvest and deliver plastic to the recycling plant.

The project is expected to present numerous opportunities and create jobs for over 1500 people along the entire chain as well as improve environmental management.