By Najibu Mulema
The Kawempe North Councillor,Muhammad Ssegirinya has been arrested by police along Namirembe road while vending commodities.
After being arrested,Ssegirinya said,vending is not a crime and that it’s allowed in the Kampala City Council Authority act.He further condemned the way vendors were arrested on Tuesday saying it was not necessary.
Ssegirinya said he was trying to serve as an example to show that people who vend are also people like others and they must be catered for instead of just sending them off the streets without any alternative.
However,even though the lord mayor,Elias Lukwago passed a resolution where vendors are supposed to operate from gazetted streets starting from 5pm,police and KCCA enforcement team are heavily deployed within the city centre not allowing any vendor to carryout their activities.
Ssegirinya is much remembered when he carried television sets to parliament opposing  digital migration which was introduced in Uganda last year.
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