By Najibu Mulema

Kampala Capital City Authority leaders led by Kampala Lord mayor, Erias Lukwago agreed to allocate some streets to be used by vendors to sell their commodities.

While in a meeting at City Hall, Lukwago said that roads like Alana road, Nakivubo Mews and Kafumbe Mukasa road will be gazetted for vendors as a temporary measure until they find a permanent solution which shall be fair to the vendors and the Kampala people at large.

All capable vendors shall be required to start operating from the streets at 5pm when their counterparts in the shops have closed and for one to operate shall have to first acquire a license from the Authority.

“I also ask the KCCA enforcement team ti return back the merchandise that was confiscated from vendors,” Lukwago said.

However, the council failed to identify the creteria on how the lincenses would be distributed and the exact number of vendors which will be required to operate on the gazetted streets.

“We should be specific on how the licenses will be served,is it first come,first serve? We also need to be specific on the number of people who will work on streets.” One of the councillors said.

It should be noted that the minister for Kampala,Betty Kamya last week passed a directive instructing all vendors and hawkers to vacate the streets of Kampala.
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