By: Frank M. Gashumba

Anyone can be hired and fired but calling him a bean-weavil at public Rally, NO!! It was way too much Mr President!

As a co-founder and Chief Strategist of Sisimuka Uganda, my volunteer work has enabled me meet almost all top Government Leaders, Religious leaders, top security officials, politicians, businessmen and businesswomen, the diplomatic community and of course the ordinary people. I have had an opportunity of meeting Gen. Kale Kayihura on many occasions, but in my entire life I have not seen a person who loved, defended, protected his master Gen. Museveni like he (Gen. Kayihura) did. You would agree with him on the current youth unemployment, the incompetences accross the country but anything in line with his master. He wouldn’t even dare allow you discuss him.

It is very sad that a man who successfully defended his master is now being called a bean-weavil.

Another person that I know of who has defended his master in public or in private is Tamale Murundi. Surprisingly people that are willing to die In line of defending the President end up being disgruntled and disappointed.

People that have never come out to defend Museveni are the ones enjoying the fruits of NRA. Kayihura was the most hated person both by the Opposition and activists because 90% of his life in Police concentrated on protecting and defending his master and in the process he had no time to first crime.

Actually Kayihura used to call Museveni Superman. To Kayihura, Museveni would fore see what would happen in advance. If you look at people who have worked for Museveni tirelessly, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, Kayihura etc
In the process of defending their master, they ended up making many mistakes thus in the process end up being hated by top Government officials so to me

Don’t be fooled that Kayihura had political ambitions to unsit Museveni. Kayihura feared Museveni the way a rat fears a cat. Kayihura’s certified enemies used that play card (Political ambitions) to destroy him.

I can authoritatively state without fear or favor 80% of Opposition MPs in Parliament were on Kayihura s payroll. These MPs were paid to spy on the Opposition and Dr. Besigye that’s why every event being organized by the Opposition, Police would know each and everything that was inside it. Some of these MPs you hear shouting on Radio stations everyday were Kayihura’s informers. No protest would take place without Kayihura knowing 90% of what is happening in the Opposition camp.

And to you NRM sycophants, the sucking of Kayihura is an eye opener to all of you, if Museveni can fire and call him a bean- weavil who worked 48hrs a day to protect his master not Ugandans then you people should go slow.

If you did ask me, was Kayihura loyal to his master, he will score 97 out of 100 but did Kayihura serve Ugandans? No

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